For those of you, who cannot just sit on the beach and who are looking for action, we offer a variety of water sports, suitable for all tastes! Even beginners can enjoy most of the water sports as certified coaches are there to guide and train them.



Stand up paddle is a rapidly developing sport all over the world, because it is very easy for everyone to do, as the only thing you need is a surfboard and a paddle.


Water skiing / surfboard

Feel the real freedom! With innovative methods such as the use of bars and special waterskis for beginners and with the help of experienced instructors, we make sure that failure to learn is out of the question!


Inflatable games / sliders

A unique experience for those who love water sports!



If you want to paddle in deep waters or parallel to the coach and to enjoy the sun in a different way, the only thing you must do is rent one of our canoes and combine physical exercise with pleasure.


Price list:

  • SUP: 15 €/hr
  • Canoe - kayak one seat: 15 € / hr
  • Canoe - kayak two seat: 20 € / hr
  • Water ski: 35 € /  10’ minutes
  • Wakeboard: 35 € /  hr
  • Sliders 2 person: 40 €, 3 person 50 €, 4 persons 60 €
  • Pedal Bike:  25 € / per hour


Famous activites

Boat excursions


Canoe Kayak




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