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The sea caves are about one and a half hour away from the beach of Chorefto and they are accessible by boat. The landscape that you will meet is of indescribable beauty and you will get enthusiastic about its deep blue waters and its majesty.

The caves are located between the part of the beach called “Venetiotiki” and the old glebe of St Nicolas Flamouriou. They were ancient ovens near the sea, where, according to Herodotus, the largest part of Xerxis’ fleet was destroyed in 480 BCE. According to mythology the caves were Poseidon’s base and it is said that the exotic atmosphere of the area was the main reason why Nereid Thetis fell in love with Pileas.

The largest cave is called “Bishop’s cave” because it was often visited by Metropolitan Bishop Gregorios before 1905. Exactly above the caves there are remains of the old medieval castle that gave the name of Palaiokastro (old castle) to another area. The sea caves are the object of admiration of thousands of visitors every summer and they impress even the most demanding person! If you are lucky you may be able to see dolphins or monachus-monachus seals, which can find a shelter there, as they do along the coasts of the island of Alonnisos.

Live unforgettable moments, renting the brand new Rib Zar 59 SL. Find your ideal destination and let's take you there!



60 per person (minimum 4 persons)
30 per child

Refreshments and snacks are included in the price



  • Capacity: 10 persons
  • Length: 6 meters
  • Equipment: 150 hp engine, radio, sun protection canopy, modern and comfortable seats.

For those that prefer closer destinations, there are daily excursions to the following beaches:

Agioi Saranta

A paradise in east Pelion! A beach, which is ideal for diving in green-blue waters and for relaxation on fine white pebbles. There you will see “Kalogero”, a big rock, from the top of which the bravest of you can dive.

Cost: 10 €


Plaka at St John

The area of Plaka is located between Agioi Saranta and St John and it is one of the most charming beaches of Pelion. Crystal clear waters, white little pebbles and lush vegetation that reaches the sea are some of the elements that compose a magnificent landscape.

Cost: 20 €


St John

The beach of St John is the most cosmopolitan beach of Pelion. It will impress you with its white pebbles and its crystal-clear waters.

Cost: 20 €



Damouchari is the only natural harbor in South Pelion. It is a small, picturesque settlement, comprised of two small inlets which are connected with a peninsula, on which there are the remains of a castle. The north inlet, nowadays, is a natural harbor with taverns and houses around it, while the south inlet is the beach of Damouchari, which charms visitors with its deep blue waters and its white pebbles known as “krokales”. Damouchari is also known from the film “Mamma Mia” which was shot there.

Cost: 30 €



Fakistra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pelion. It is characterized by a wild, imposing beauty, turquoise waters and lush vegetation that reaches the sea.

Cost: 30 €



The most famous and perhaps the most beautiful beach of Pelion. The blue-green waters, the fine, white pebbles, as well as a steep rock, that seems to divide the beach into two parts, make up an unforgettable landscape

Cost: 35 €



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